Material Science and Chemistry Symposium


Zeolites, Molecular Sieves and Applications, Analytical, Environmental and Green chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Life Sciences, Physical and Theoretical Chemistry, Biomaterials, Organic Polymers, Condensed Materials, Nanomaterials, Nanotechnology.


The accepted and presented papers will be published in the proceedings of Scientific.Net by TransTech Publication. Quality selected papers will be published in Indonesian Journal of Chemistry (Q3 Scopus).

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Invited speakers

Prof. Cheon-Gyu Cho
Dr. Julius Motuzas


Coordinator: Dr. Roto
Co-coordinator: Dr. Indriana Kartini

Program chairs: Dr. Chotimah
Dr. Ahmad Kusumaatmaja

Scientific committee (Editors): Dr. Dwi Siswanta
Dr. Julius Motuzas
Dr. Kuwat Triyana
Dr. Tutik Dwi Wahyuningsih

Contact person

Indriana Kartini, Ph.D.