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Life Sciences, Materials, and Applied Chemistry Symposium


Analytical, environmental, and green chemistry, Biomaterials, Condensed materials, Molecular sieves and applications, Nanomaterials, Nanotechnology, Organic chemistry and life sciences, Organic polymers, Physical and theoretical chemistry, and Zeolites.


The accepted and presented papers will be submitted for possible inclusion to journals/proceedings that are indexed by Scopus/CPCI/DOAJ.


Dr. Muhammad Idham Darussalam Mardjan
Prof. Indriana Kartini
Prof. Tutik Dwi Wahyuningsih
Taufik Abdillah Natsir, Ph.D.
Adhi Dwi Hatmanto, Ph.D.
Fajar Inggit Pambudi, Ph.D.
Dr.Sc. Robby Noor Cahyono
Dr.Sc. Aulia Sukma Hutama
Dr.Eng. Ahmad Kusumaatmaja
Muhammad Arifin, Ph.D.
Sholihun, Ph.D.